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Meaghan Curry | Meaghan Curry Photography

Where are you from?
I was born in New York, went to school in North Carolina and New Orleans, and now live just outside of Washington, D.C.

How long have you been shooting?
My husband bought my first DSLR in 2004 as a Christmas present. I was in love right then and there.

Are you self-taught or schooled in photography?
I am largely self-taught.  Though, I have also read and read and read.  From books to blogs, I there is seemingly no end to resources available to me. Also, I have found a few amazing photographers that are willing to share their craft. Their openness has been refreshing.

Do you photograph for a living or is this a hobby?
Until recently, I was stayed safely tethered to the ground by some tugging of obligation and security to take a more conventional career path. I used to practice as an attorney and I actually liked it. On most days.

Then, my daughter was born. Having a child has caused me to reevaluate a lot about my life and how I spent my time. I realized that I needed to do what I love and not settle for something that I merely liked. I love of photography. I love capturing a quiet moment, a sweet smile, this beautiful thing that is life. It was both exciting and daunting to go about trying to live life on my own terms. After about a year of wishing and hoping, and with heaps of encouragement and support from that same family that was inspiring me to make these changes, I leapt. I am now a photographer. And, it has been incredible.

What is in your camera bag?
Canon 5d MarkII
50mm 1.4
24-70 2.8
Fuji Instax Wide

Do you shoot digital or film or both?
I shoot all digital. Although, I do have some fun with my instant camera.

How did this project come about?
My daughter is my muse.  From the day that she arrived, she has inspired me. She is cute, she is fun, and she often does things that make for some great images. So, as you can image, she is the subject in about 90% of the pictures I take.

But, sometimes, you have to stretch beyond your muse. I really wanted to take some photos that did not have a single person in them, but, I wanted to approach the pictures in a way that would help me with clients. My sessions, especially the ones with toddlers, move so quickly that it feels like I don’t get a chance to slow down and think things through. Taking pictures of a room may not sound too interesting, but it was a way to allow myself the time to breathe. To find a different angle. To explore a new perspective. To get in really close and appreciate the small details. To step back and see the big picture. Trying to find the interesting in the ordinary.

What is it about this project that speaks personally about you?
It says that I will never be done growing as a photographer. It says that there is always something new to learn and to practice. And, maybe that is why I love photography so.

What would you want this project to say to the viewer?
Honestly, I am not sure. To an outside viewer, they may just look like pictures of a room. But, for me it was a great exercise. Maybe, they will cause people to take a second look around the corners of their home.

Are you currently shooting or planning to shoot another personal project?
I am always shooting for myself. But, I would love to conceptualize a true project in the near future.

How do you keep challenging yourself photographically?
I just keep taking pictures.

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rachel May 30, 2012 at 10:20 am

My workspace just fired me and walked out of my home. Gorgeous. Inspirational and humbling.

Sharon June 4, 2012 at 1:16 am

So lovely!

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